marking rolls

Marking rolls for circumferential marking

Stamprolls are the easiest, most accurate and cheapest way for labeling the extent of turn parts during the manufacturing processes  in engine lathes or machining centers.

using a suitable roll holder the marking roll can be integrated directly into the tool magazine of the production line.

Marking rolls for endless-marking

marking rolls for endless-marking are needed when raw material  (e.g. four cornered shaft, hexagonal bar, round stock) has to be labeled lengthwise with a constantly repeating text. This happens before the real processing of the long material in the machining center.

conical marking rolls for front-end embossing

this kind of marking roll is engraved at the conical turned area. by using a special holder, it is possible to mark the turn parts at the front side. the marking roll must be designed for the pitch circle of embossing.

marking segments

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tool holder for marking rolls

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